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Mark Wilkinson
December 18, 2013


Mark Wilkinson

December 18, 2013


  1. 2 2 Welcome to Houston TechFest • Please turn off

    all electronic devices or set them to vibrate. • If you must take a phone call, please do so in the lobby so as not to disturb others. • Thanks to our Diamond Sponsors: Thank you for being a part of the 7th Annual Houston TechFest! Wednesday, December 18, 13
  2. 3 3 Information • Speaker presentation slides will be available

    at www.houstontechfest.org within a week • Don’t forget to complete the Bingo card to be eligible for door prizes Wednesday, December 18, 13
  3. 4 Intro 4 • EE grad from UH • former

    Head of the Houston C# User Group (as of this week). • formerly .NET developer, now full-time iOS Developer at ChaiOne. Wednesday, December 18, 13
  4. 31 Use the console 31 https://github.com/robbiehanson/XcodeColors XcodeColors XcodeColors allows you

    to use colors in the Xcode debugging console. It's designed to aid in the debugging process. For example: •Make error messages stand out by printing them out in red. •Use different colors for logically separate parts of your code. You're not limited to a restricted color palate. You can specify, in your source code, the exact RGB values you'd like to use. You can specify foreground and/or background color(s). XcodeColors is a simple plugin for Xcode 3, 4 & 5. Wednesday, December 18, 13
  5. 43 Shortcuts • - Cmd+shft+F opens search navigator • -

    Ctrl+6 go to any method • - Shft+Command+O - go to any file • - option+click shows pop-up info on the type • - option+cmd+click goes to the definition in the other pain of a split screen setup • - Ctrl+4 navigate the file tree in the project • - Cmd+1 show the file navigator • - Cmd+] or [ to indent • - Cmd + . stops running app • - Cmd+alt+enter bring up assistant editor • - alt+enter while in file searcher brings up what you choose on the right pane of assistant editor • - Cmd+enter closes assistant editor • - TODO and FIXME comments show up in the ctrl+6 list • - cmd+shft+[ ] to go between tabs • - highlight something you want to find then do cmd+E then cmd+G to cycle through the finds • - Ctrl+space bring intellisense back up • - Cmd+shft+J select file you're currently viewing in the navigator window (like reshaper alt+shft+L) • - alt+-> or <- will let you jump through the line of code by parts/words • - cmd+ctrl+E change a variable name at all places in the scope 43 Wednesday, December 18, 13
  6. 53 If you prefer BDD 54 Specta A light-weight TDD

    / BDD framework for Objective-C & Cocoa. https://github.com/specta/specta Wednesday, December 18, 13
  7. 64 65 Please Leave Feedback During Q&A If you leave

    session feedback and provide contact information, you will be qualified for a prize Scan the QR code to the right or go to bit.ly/ htf130505 Wednesday, December 18, 13