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Tools for the iOS Developer

Tools for the iOS Developer

Talk at Cowtown Code Camp 2014 Fort Worth, TX

Mark Wilkinson

June 15, 2014

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  1. Mark Wilkinson [email protected] About Me • EE grad from UH

    • former Head of the Houston C# User Group. • formerly .NET developer, now full-time iOS Developer at ChaiOne.
  2. Mark Wilkinson [email protected] Tools, Tips and Tricks Alcatraz Package Manager

    curl -fsSL https://raw.github.com/supermarin/Alcatraz/master/Scripts/install.sh | sh
  3. Mark Wilkinson [email protected] Tools, Tips and Tricks Increment the build

    number http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9855955/xcode-increment-build-number-only-during-archive
  4. Mark Wilkinson [email protected] Xcode shortcuts Tools, Tips and Tricks -

    Cmd+shft+F opens search navigator - Ctrl+6 go to any method - Shft+Command+O - go to any file - option+click shows pop-up info on the type - option+cmd+click goes to the definition in the other pain of a split screen setup - Ctrl+4 navigate the file tree in the project - Cmd+1 show the file navigator - Cmd+] or [ to indent - Cmd + . stops running app - Cmd+alt+enter bring up assistant editor - alt+enter while in file searcher brings up what you choose on the right pane of assistant editor - Cmd+enter closes assistant editor - TODO and FIXME comments show up in the ctrl+6 list - cmd+shft+[ ] to go between tabs - highlight something you want to find then do cmd+E then cmd+G to cycle through the finds - Ctrl+space bring intellisense back up - Cmd+shft+J select file you're currently viewing in the navigator window (like reshaper alt+shft+L) - alt+-> or <- will let you jump through the line of code by parts/words - cmd+ctrl+E change a variable name at all places in the scope - Hold down ⇧ + ⌥ whilst doing an open file action will open move focus window.
  5. Mark Wilkinson [email protected] Tools, Tips and Tricks Unit Testing Expecta!

    https://github.com/specta/expecta http://ocmock.org/
  6. Mark Wilkinson [email protected] Apps Crop that status bar Status Barred

    App https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/status-barred/id413853485?mt=12
  7. Mark Wilkinson [email protected] Swift • Type safe language • Type

    inference, var • No longer need semicolons • Can use Obj-C and Swift in the same project. • By default instances can be nil, you have to explicitly set. • More functional language than Obj-C • Generics Section Name