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August 31, 2021


Testing, only a test ...



August 31, 2021


  1. bruno.SCIENCE Twelve Open Source App-Driven Labs

  2. Discipline, self-control, mind training Discipline equals freedom -- the only

    freedom you have is in how you react to any set of circumstances Self-control is NOT simply following the herd or doing what is expected. Following along with the group is the antithesis of freedom; such lack of independence negates freedom. You can feed your ego OR you can be creative … you cannot do both. Everything in ancient texts on wisdom, compassion, insight should remind you of your inadequacies. It is impossible to fix those attached to their ego ...don’t stress over this; just be a better example Treat gossiping as your trigger to leave a conversation and never come back to it Treat othering as a trigger to leave a conversation and never ever come back to it Treat lies and delusion as a trigger to leave a conversation ...pray to lead away from temptation
  3. Mathematics, statistics, logic Radically challenge your assumptions in every last

    thing you do. Stop following. Study mathematics for the sheer beauty, creativity and elegance of thought. Study statistics and data science only for the objective of finding the flaws. Be a data heretic. Study logic in order to understand the tendencies toward the spectacular arrogance of reason.
  4. Physics, Energy/Matter, Law of the Universe Improvement is about what

    you remove … stop adding … knowledge comes from what you take away. It will be tough to ever improve upon the Feynman Lectures … don’t add, instead COMPLEMENT
  5. Chemistry, between Physics & Biology Do not re-invent or add

    to Wikipedia's Chemistry portal … instead COMPLEMENT with labs of problems
  6. Biology, Life, Existence Do not re-invent or add to Wikipedia's

    Biology portal … COMPLEMENT to understand Life and Meaning
  7. Linguistics, how you share thought Do not re-invent or add

    to Wikipedia's Linguistics portal … COMPLEMENT to understand Life and Meaning
  8. Imagining, extending the senses It’s not only about “getting a

    picture” it is also about instrumentation and measurement systems
  9. Music, infra/ultra sound, signals, RF Not just sound, but MEANING

    and emotion
  10. Leadership and artistic expression Prepare for war … train in

    the martial arts, think martially ... understand war to avoid cultivating it C … constancy of discipline, channel ego, create O … opportuniize every failure; overthrow, overcome U… unite, unify, understand R … repetition, revival, renewal A … attack aggravation and aliemation G … grasp the moment, get after it E …. empathy
  11. Literature, philosophy, ideas, dreams Where do our ideas come from?

    The vast majority are not unique, but have been articulated by others
  12. Architecture, sculpture, defining space It’s not necessarily so much what

    you add … it’s mostly about what obstacles to thought you can remove
  13. The Science of Scientific History If we really want to

    make History and get it right, for once, we are going to have to try making it different.
  14. Summary - Final Thoughts Reject what you think you know

    … consider everything as if it were a dream, but ENJOY your dreams.