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Five Ways to Deploy Your Angular Application

Five Ways to Deploy Your Angular Application

The slide deck of my Angular Vienna Talk on November 22, 2022, where I discussed different ways of deploying an Angular applications and why it is important to understand basic DevOps principle as a developer.

Markus Nissl

November 22, 2022

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  1. Aim is not to be an expert afterwards, but to

    get an overview and some understanding of the tools
  2. Server Deployment Webserver (Nginx) • Install (apt install nginx) &

    Configure – or buy webspace • Copy dist folder to webspace folder (scp -r dist/* demo.markusnissl.com:/var/www/html) ng build --prod -> dist folder New in Angular 14 (experimental): "builder": "@angular-devkit/build-angular:browser-esbuild"
  3. Docker Deployment Docker-compose.yml (Optional) Image Information Build Information App Information

    (Ports, Volumes) Dockerfile (Multi-Stage) Node Image for Building Nginx Image for Hosting Tipps: • use .dockerignore • Optimize cache usage • Special Attention in CI Tools which CMD is really executed Publish image to registry (optional)
  4. Kubernetes Deployment 1. Prepare Private Repository Secret kubectl create secret

    docker-registry myregistry --docker-server=https://ghcr.io --docker-username=USER --docker-password=TOKEN --docker-email=EMAIL 2. Create Deployment 3. Create Service 4. Create Ingress
  5. Kubernetes - Deployment Container Container Container Container POD labels: app:

    frontend POD labels: app: frontend Deployment replicas: 2 matchLabels: app: frontend
  6. Kubernetes - Service Container Container Container Container POD labels: app:

    frontend POD labels: app: frontend Service type: NodePort selector: app: frontend Network Request
  7. Kubernetes - Ingress Service (Frontend) type: ClusterIP selector: app: frontend

    Service (Backend) type: ClusterIP selector: app: backend Ingress paths: - path: /frontend backend: serviceName: frontend-service servicePort: 3000 - path: /backend backend: serviceName: backend-service servicePort: 3000 Network Request
  8. ArgoCD Tipps: Create Repository in Settings with Token as password

    (private repo) Sync is automatically possible - Webhook - Around 5min - Press Button manually
  9. • Webspace • Docker, Docker Compose & SSL Termination •

    Simple CI Pipeline • Firebase and co • Kubernetes & ArgoCD Summary