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Apache & MySQL updates for CNS Hosting services

Martin Smith
October 31, 2012

Apache & MySQL updates for CNS Hosting services

Martin Smith

October 31, 2012


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  2. Apache & MySQL Computing and Networking Services On Systems Group

  3. Apache Overview Apache 2.2.3 - Load balanced, group of servers

    - HA NFS Document root - PHP, Perl, Python available - CGI through suEXEC and FCGI - Scheduled jobs via crontab - 20gb of quota per site www.it.ufl.edu
  4. Getting Apache service - request.it.ufl.edu to initiate - Technical and

    Fiscal contacts - Unit provides web development - Unit uploads via SCP, SFTP, SSH - Any new 3rd Level Domains must be approved by UFIT policy - Shibboleth, SSL, usernames, etc www.it.ufl.edu http://www.it.ufl.edu/services/services/apache-web-hosting/
  5. Background 1 www.it.ufl.edu

  6. Apache: Upcoming Changes - Finishing '2010' migration (now) - Load

    balancer replacement (soon) - RHEL6 + Newer Apache (further out) - Considering (further out): new web logging infrastructure, SELinux, cgroups, improved PHP FastCGI, ... www.it.ufl.edu
  7. MySQL Overview MySQL 5.0.95 - Master-master replication - SAN-backed storage

    - 20gb of quota per database www.it.ufl.edu
  8. Getting MySQL service www.it.ufl.edu - request.it.ufl.edu to initiate - Technical

    and Fiscal contacts - Unit provides db development - Unit access via command-line client on glint or via mysql protocol - Restricted to on-campus and VPN http://www.it.ufl.edu/services/services/mysql-database-hosting/
  9. www.it.ufl.edu

  10. MySQL: Upcoming Changes www.it.ufl.edu - Server performance upgrades - adding

    CPU cores + memory (soon) - Default to InnoDB storage engine (soon) - More workload partitioning, additional instances, cgroups (further out) - RHEL6 + MySQL v.newer (further out) - Considering more service options, please provide feedback!
  11. glint.osg.ufl.edu - "Interactive node" provided for crontab, NFS, SSH, svn,

    git, scp/sftp, log access, build env, mysql client, ... - Glint is not your web or db server. - Upgrade to RHEL5 as soon as the '2010' migration is completed - Will follow web server environment
  12. Questions? Feedback? Survey at ufl.to/cnshostingday. www.it.ufl.edu

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