Spotlight on CoreOS

Spotlight on CoreOS

A quick overview of CoreOS, and some quick highlights of what it can do.


Martin Smith

March 18, 2015


  1. Spotlight on CoreOS

  2. The Datacenter as a Computer - Focus on applications -

    Design for HW failure - No maintenance windows - Commodity hardware - Warehouse scale computer
  3. CoreOS - Micro Gentoo/Chrome (Kernel + Docker/LXC/nspawn/etc) - No package

    manager, just run in containers - Intended for HA clusters - Updates are applied automagically - SystemD (incl. managing containers)
  4. Etcd - Distributed key-value store - RESTful (HTTP + JSON)

    - Service discovery via announcements - Similar to Consul or Zookeeper
  5. Fleet - Cluster-level service management - Manage etcd and systemd

    as a single init sys - Schedule a specific number of containers, reschedule units on failure, placement rules
  6. Demos! - 3 node cluster with vagrant - Demo

    (online markdown editor) vagrant ssh core-01 fleetctl machine-list fleetctl list-units fleetctl submit dillinger.service fleetctl start dillinger.service fleetctl journal -follow dillinger.service and-docker-using-vagrant/