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It is my portfolio



July 06, 2021


  1. Kazuki Sakamoto a.k.a Mask Digital Art Works

  2. 3D computer graphics Illustration-design and image processing Photogrammetry and Photography

    This portfolio is about...
  3. Modeling Drawiing Scanning Myself Shooting Agenda Skill List Workflow /

    DCCTools CONCEPT , Design high poly operation Low poly operation Texture , 3D paint game Engine LookDev , Setup Photoshop , Clip Studio , Sai ZBrush , CLO/Marvelous , R.C Blender , Maya , 3dsMax 3D-Coat , Substance , Knald Toolbag , glTF , VRM Unity , Unreal Engine
  4. Modelling

  5. Articles Tutorial-Article Game Modeling and PBR Paint Articles for the

    Japanese 3D magazine. Marmoset Toolbag Published by BoneDigital FriendArt   From SasakiSaki ©2017 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  6. Mask-Paint Mask-Paint Unity UnrealEngine High Poly Bake Maps Smart-Mat Cage

    Mesh Facial Morph Decal LookDev Low Poly ©2017 Kazuki Sakamoto. GAME MODELING
  7. "CGWORLD" is the only commercial magazine dedicated to computer graphics

    in Japan, with a publication of over 100,000 copies and a much larger total readership of e-books and web magazines, and is familiar to almost everyone in the entertainment industry. I have been a technical artist with CGWORLD, and have published many articles. I have been awarded first place in the popularity rankings and have served as a special judge for prestigious competitions. ・Explanatory article on PBR (4P) ・Introduction to Flee Modeling Tools (4P) ・Content Creation Techniques for Graphic Designers (4P) ・How to Create Character and Word for UE4 (8P) ・VR content created with Unreal Engine (16P) ・Introducing the world's first full-color resin 3D printer (4P) ・PBR Digital Figure Creation Technique for Unity ( 8P ) ・Bishoujo Character Modeling Feature (64p) ・Introduction to Procedural Apparel Modeling (4P) ・How to Start PBR Painting (8P) I was in charge of the main article project. It was a special project involving famous game developers, and I wrote an article on all the making techniques of a highly rated game. Industry Contribution ©2021 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  8. Low High upside down Check Motion Unity・Humanoid UniVRM VroidHub VR-AVATAR

    MAKING ©2020 Kazuki Sakamoto. Modeling Expantion / Bake Faicial Morph Link Rigging All process is available for free on Youtube.
  9. ©2021 Kazuki Sakamoto. Multi-platform Adventures By creating an avatar in

    VRM format, we can explore in many game worlds created in Unity: VRChat, Cluster, Craftopia ... I set out on an endless adventure. VRM can also be loaded at runtime with Unreal content, so one day in the near future, VR avatars will be able to explore all platforms in the world.
  10. Published by bonedigital GAME GRAPHICS TUTRIAL I created a full-length

    article on World making and character making for Unreal Engine.This turned out to be a long tutorial on modeling from scratch, creating terrains, buildings, and people. ©2016 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  11. GAME GRAPHICS TUTRIAL ©2016 Kazuki Sakamoto. Material BP Camera Settings

    Lighting Character Selected as a Notable Development by Epic Almost All Original Assets Post-Process Layout Assets
  12. Unity UnrealEngine WORLD MAKING This is a terrain generation tool

    developed by UBI Software. It was introduced on CGWORLD and my blog. This topic became a hot topic, and the Japanese region became the top selling region. Taking advantage of this experience, I have gathered a team to develop an engine for terrain generation. UBI Software Instat terra Instructor ©2021 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  13. World's first full-color resin printer I cooperated with Mimaki Engineering's

    world's first challenge and introduced a completely new figure production workflow throughout Japan at CGRORLD. Full-color resin printers that used an inkjet method to accumulate layers of full-color resin layer by layer.Four colors of CMYK ink are applied to the resins to create any colors and can easily create full color figures straight from 3D printers like the one below. The output is completed when placed in water and remains beautiful for several years.this means use CMYK ink to put color into resins to create any colors you like and you literally can create full color figure like this one on picture straight up from 3D printer. ©2018 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  14. Pro Account Given Staff Pick Given Sketchfab PBR Textures WebGL

    Completed PBR workflow. CHARACTER MODELING ©2016 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  15. GAME MODELING All my work is done with ZBrush for

    sculpting, 3D-Coat for 3D painting, Blender for setup, Sketchfab for LookDev. Unity, and UnrealEngine as the end goal. All for Realtime ©2020 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  16. SPEED SCULPT ZBrush Time Attack ! I trained and practiced

    in limited time sessions to be able to really increase my sculpting skills in limited time settings. It’s important to observe the reference carefully. These Hypolygon Sculpt model needed the Re Topology. It is vital to make precise polygon model if you want to move sculpt model. Speed Workflow here said, polygon modeling is fastest way to job done but that is old style and not good anymore. younger generation do sculpt modeling then create polygon model and that is better workflow than oldstyle. ©2014 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  17. MSK-Dolls I have started a project for a completely new

    3D avatar called "MSK-Dolls". We plan to sell 3D avatars that can be customized in various ways, just like dolls in the real world. Since it is important to make it customizable for users, we are preparing procedural models, procedural textures, and curve-based hair strands for customization. In addition to these, MSK-Dolls has a variety of in-house tools. In-House Systematic Asset Palametric Doll Eye Generator Parametric Doll Body Generator Speedy Curve Hair kitbash Seemles ©2021 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  18. Drawing

  19. Contrapost Boston in 2016 in long art trip. Sketching ©2016

    Kazuki Sakamoto.
  20. Shortly before doing 3D work, I had experience working on

    game illustrations. Clip Studio Paint Paint Tool Sai Photoshop Painting Tools ©2011 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  21. Drawing When I was a student, Derivative work of the

    Touhou Project became popular, and I started drawing too. Without this movement, I don't think I would have made the choice to make CG my profession. I came to Tokyo with the goal of becoming a CG illustrator and actually got some work. However, I am now mainly working in 3DCG. Illustration ©2011 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  22. Concept Art GAME DESIGN I love roll-scrolling games, and I

    drew concept art for a 2D scrolling game. Enemy design, character design, and game screen design. The story of Red Riding Hood is CONCEPT. The main character is a man who has been turned into a wolf by a curse and sends a girl who has lost her kioku to a human village. ©2011 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  23. Scanning

  24. PHOTOGRAMMETORY I published a free online article introducing photogrammetry and

    post-production, which was viewed by many Japanese. Twitter 9255 good, 1,387,532 impressions, 299,154 video views, 99,310 total engagements. At the time, photogrammetry was still considered impractical and not very well known. This article compares all the photogram software available at the time and also introduces post-processing. ake a point cloud from many photos and sensors. ©2016 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  25. Drone Air Shooting to 3D Find an unexplored region with

    no one from the sky.
  26. Wide Area Scanning Camera, drones, LiDAR, infrared sensors, stereo matching,

    and a variety of other things. ©2019 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  27. Oriental Scanning ©2018 Kazuki Sakamoto.

  28. Micro Surface Scanning Perfect Owned Scan System. I made an

    original scanner that can acquire high resolution PBR compatible tiling maps.And the post process is also semi-automated. It's a simple and traditional way to get micro-details by adding a light difference in 8 directions. ©2019 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  29. Transparent-Mat Scanning Semi-automated Tex-Gen This system has a very simple

    structure and is an environment that can be easily assembled. In addition, the backlight system can scan transparent objects and materials with many holes such as lace. By shining a light from below, it is possible to scan the transparency. These Texture will also be automatically processed as tile maps. ©2019 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  30. Micro Detail Scanning High Quality Scanning technique. Comparison and verification

    of more than 20 scanners under 10000$. Carefully selected and perfected post-processing. Compare and verify more than 20 scanners of 10 years and less than 10000$. I arrived at the perfect post-processing that was carefully selected. The modeling technique of converting clay models to 3D data is a traditional modeling style. ©2020 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  31. Digital Figure from Real. ©2015 Kazuki Sakamoto. Smart-Mat Retopology AO

    / Normal iPhone View 3DCoat / WebGL / Toolbag PBR Multi Platform Decal PBR Paint The Marmoset Tool Bag is one of the most dignified viewers in game modeling. Selected by Marmoset from Artstatio as the best work of the month, it was displayed on the top page of Toolbag. Decolation Master Real This is a complete digital reproduction of a figure of the image character of my company "ICREA". They are all handmade by me.
  32. Shooting

  33. MOUNTAINS Photograpy Photography is my other professional job. I have

    traveled all over the world to unusual terrains and have captured many different worlds on film. This is a skill that is so closely related to computer graphics that it cannot be separated. Monument Varrey Grand canyon Grand point Canyon de Chelly ©2015 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  34. DESSERT PANORAMA Grand canyon Grand point Spider Rock Mesa Verde

    God of Valley Utaha White sands national monument Yellowstone Potash road Moab Canyon de Chelly Arches Moab God of Valley Utaha ©2015 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  35. PLAINS PANORAMA Grand Teton Bonneville SaltyFlats Grand Titon a certain

    free way of USA St.Agnes School roof top Mexico Yellowstone Fire of Varrey Carlsbad Caverns ©2015 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  36. RUINS PANORAMA St.Agnes School ruin Packard Motor Ruin Detroit St.Agnes

    Church Ruin St.Agnes School ruin St.Agnes School ruin Packard Motor Ruin Detroit Packard Motor Ruin Detroit Niagara Canada St.Agnes School ruin ©2015 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  37. UNDER WORLD Guinness World Records Cave Sony α7r Mⅱ Ricoh

    Theta Mammoth Cave national cave Carlsbad Caverns Kingsloom Carlsbad Caverns ©2015 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  38. ANCIENT RUINS Location Hunting Every time, I am constantly searching

    for beautiful environments that I can turn into digital data. Tourist spots are no good. Places with few people, beautiful places known only to locals, etc. are preferred, so fieldwork, including gathering local information, is essential. Siem Reap ©2018 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  39. About Myself

  40. Background I was a member of Japan's Self-Defense Force. However,

    I lost a lot in the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 and retired from the military. Having lost so much, I wanted to create something, so I went to Tama Art University to study design. I have been working in this field for more than 10 years, as I graduated from college while continuing to work in games, photography, figures and 3D scanning. I have traveled and worked to many different countries and continued my research in computer graphics with the themes of being active, learning from nature, and learning from history. Recently, I became interested in the field of human body scanning, which I encountered in Hollywood in 2018, and joined Pocket RD, SQUARE ENIX 's R&D team as well. I designed a fully automated post-processing that replaces human body scan data with automatically operational data, and received a patent for it in 2021. PROFILE ©2021 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  41. Over 10 Publish by bone digital. Blog Views Over 380,000.

    Twitter subscribe Over 6500. Youtube subscribe Over 500. OWNED MEDIA, SNS, Magazine Social Activity ©2021 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  42. EDUCATION Online School I have over 5 years of teaching

    experience at a CGI school in the vein of Kiriya Studios in Hollywood.I teach modeling in ZBrush, setup in game engines, and the LookDev flow. I have my own school online and teach students every Saturday, with a very high rating of 5 on Max. Here are some comments in Japanese from my students. I also organize events: ZBrush, photogrammetry, 3DCG and deep learning workshops. ©2021 Kazuki Sakamoto.
  43. Thanks for Reading.