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New monitoring systems

New monitoring systems

A survey of new monitoring tools written in the Go programming language.

Matt Cottingham

April 27, 2015

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  1. Web Operations (Allspaw et. al.) • Great overview of approaches

    to ensuring the uptime of your services • Useful when I co-founded a startup
  2. • Monitor systems, services and applications • Learn what is

    expected for a system • See trends and patterns • Discover and alert on problems Monitoring metrics
  3. What’s changed since? • Multiple deploys per day • Application

    Performance Management • Breadth of IaaS/PaaS offerings • More applications (Microservices) • Anomaly detection • Containers...
  4. What needs improving? • Handle ephemeral nodes • Thresholds are

    still a pain • Manipulating data is still hard • Make useful for others in the business?
  5. Some notable Go projects Heka (by Mozilla) • Data collection

    and processing in use at Mozilla • Large no. input and output plugins • Logs as well as metrics • Lua sandbox for experimentation
  6. Some notable Go projects Bosun (by Stack Exchange) • Similarities

    to prometheus • Run alerts against historical data! • OpenTSDB datastore
  7. An experiment Anode (github.com/mattrco/anode) • Setting thresholds is boring, a

    computer should do it • Inspired by heka and Etsy’s skyline • Thrown together in a few evenings
  8. Heka in more detail • Sandbox allows you implement certain

    plugin types at runtime • Change the .lua file, reload • Resources constrained • Low memory footprint (16KiB/plugin)
  9. Where we want to be • Adrian Cockroft’s Velocity keynote

    is full of good suggestions: https://vimeo. com/95064249