Handing Failure in Microservice Architectures

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January 15, 2016

Handing Failure in Microservice Architectures

Presented at NDC London on 15th January 2016

Microservice architectures allow us to decompose domain logic into small services with a bounded context, which allows us to gain simplicity within services at the expense of complexity in the interactions between services.

However any distributed system operating at scale will experience failure, and this interaction complexity makes dealing with failure harder. This is especially important when requests may traverse many systems, and failures of a single component may cascade through several more. In this talk we look at a number of common patterns from simple usage of concurrency primitives and timeouts to control and throttle concurrency, to more complex patterns such as the CircuitBreaker which can be used to prevent cascading failures; increasing the reliability of our systems.



January 15, 2016