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The Basics of Git and GitHub

The Basics of Git and GitHub

Matthew McCullough Head of Training at GitHub, provides an introduction to the concepts and motivations behind the growing number of migrations to the Git version control system and leverage of the social coding features of GitHub for both open source and commercial software development. This class is offered in a live webinar on dates listed at http://github.com/training/free.


Matthew McCullough

April 21, 2012


  1. THE BASICS OF GIT AND GITHUB Git tooling, techniques, and

    the GitHub platform
  2. @matthewmccull matthew@github.com github.com/training

  3. Who is Matthew? Open source contributor Build tool and continuous

    delivery author 5 year Git evangelist VP of Training at GitHub
  4. None
  5. None
  6. ‣Why Git? ‣Setting up Git ‣Using Git ‣Using GitHub

  7. Why Git?

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  10. I'm an egotistical bastard, and I name all my projects

    after myself. First Linux, now git. -Linus Torvalds “
  11. CVS Subversion PVCS Perforce Clear Case Source Safe RCS Folders

  12. Small Footprint

  13. Simple

  14. Powerful

  15. Composable

  16. Setting Up Git

  17. binaries on your $PATH

  18. http://help.github.com

  19. Using Git

  20. Create a Git repository

  21. http://progit.org

  22. http://github.com/matthewmccullough/git-workshop

  23. http://help.github.com

  24. Git GUIs

  25. http://mac.github.com

  26. https://github.com/github/GitPad

  27. None
  28. http://eclipse.org/egit/

  29. Using GitHub

  30. None
  31. ‣Social coding ‣Fork and pull model

  32. Blessed Repo

  33. ‣Web-based image diff ‣Lightweight issue tracking

  34. None
  35. https://enterprise.github.com

  36. Training

  37. http://github.com/training/free

  38. http://github.com/training/online

  39. Q&A

  40. @matthewmccull matthew@github.com github.com/training