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Git Feature Branches as an Art

Git Feature Branches as an Art

Slides from Matthew's Fluent (http://fluentconf.com/fluent2014) talk on Feature Branches in Git.


Matthew McCullough

March 12, 2014


  1. Feature Branches
 as an art with Matthew McCullough at Fluent

  2. education@github.com education.github.com @matthewmccull Q&A

  3. Branch everything

  4. Reuse commit messages

  5. Combine with amend

  6. Redo with reset

  7. Squash a merge

  8. Reuse with cherry pick

  9. Rebase on a branch

  10. Rebase interactively

  11. Fixup with rebase

  12. Branch duplication

  13. Reflog for resurrection