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Writing Tools on the GitHub Platform

Writing Tools on the GitHub Platform

Slides from a http://training.github.com free webinar held on 2014-03-14 and hosted by Matthew McCullough. This presentation, and its associated video at http://youtu.be/p8yKoPaDqiA, covers the ever-increasing writing support of the GitHub platform to help projects have high quality docs alongside high quality code.

Matthew McCullough

March 14, 2014

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  1. Writing Tools

    on the GitHub platform
    with Matthew McCullough

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  2. [email protected]

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  3. Hi! I’m Matthew.
    ‣Open source contributor
    ‣O'Reilly Git Video co-instructor
    ‣Co-Author of O'Reilly's Git book
    ‣6-year as a Git instructor
    ‣Trainer at GitHub

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  6. Markdown

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  10. ✓Readme files
    ✓Commit comments
    ✓Pull Request comments

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  11. Asciidoc

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  12. ✓Targeted to book authoring
    ✓More fully-featured than Markdown

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  13. Prose Diff

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  15. Task Lists

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  17. GitHub Pages

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  19. [email protected]

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