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Flutter Moor Session PDF By Meet Janani

Flutter Moor Session PDF By Meet Janani

Flutter Moor Session PDF By Meet Janani


Meet Janani

June 17, 2021


  1. MOOR Manage Offline Database - Meet Janani

  2. What is MOOR • Reactive persistence library for Flutter and

    Dart • Built on top of sqlite • Provides Type Safety, Stream Query, Type Safe SQL, • It is Flexible: let’s you write queried in both [SQL & Dart] • It support Filter, Order, Joins on Multiple Tables • Moor Is just Room spelled backward. (Room we are using in Android)
  3. Why MOOR • Provide us APIs in dart as well.

    • Moor provides Tables, queries, migration, IDE for SQL, complex filters. • Moor helps you keep your database code simple and easy to understand. • Identify or catches the error and provides the solution • Moor is fast like FLUTTER. • Moor works on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and the web. • Moor is stable and well tested with a wide range of unit and integration tests. It powers the production of Flutter apps. • Moor also uses Sqlite Packages • Moor itself uses SQL as its backend so in flutter we can directly create a Table using Dart.
  4. • pubspec.yaml Adding The Dependancy? • moor: This is the

    core package defining most apis • sqlite3_flutter_libs: Ships the latest sqlite3 version with your Android or iOS app. • path_provider and path: Used to find a suitable location to store the database. Maintained by the Flutter and Dart team • moor_generator: Generates query code based on your tables • build_runner: Common tool for code-generation, maintained by the Dart team
  5. The Database Class BreakDown:
 1) Annotate With UseMoor()

    it Consume Table Array
 3) DB Name & Log Statement Boolean
 4) SchemaVersion starts with 1
  6. Creating A Table BreakDown:
 1) Create Table By Just

    Extending Table
 2) IntColumn & TextColumn is DataType 3) Rest of The Things will handle Build_Runner for Creating Table import 'package:moor_flutter/moor_flutter.dart'; part 'moor_database.g.dart'; class Orders extends Table { TextColumn get price => text()(); IntColumn get id => integer().autoIncrement()(); TextColumn get productName => text()(); } @UseMoor(tables: [Orders]) class AppDatabase{ } @override Set<Column> get primaryKey => {id, productName};
  7. BreakDown:
 1) Auto Increment
 2) Min Max Length Validation

    3) set different column name from variable name 4) Allow nullable values
 5) Custom Table/Column name More On Creating Table String get tableName => 'categories'; IntColumn get parentCategory => integer().named('parent')();
  8. Supported Column Types

  9. Queries BreakDown:
 1) Select Query Format: select(tableName)
 * Return

    Once with get()
 * Return Live Updates with watch() 
 2) Insert Query Format: into(tableName).insert(Object)
 3) Update Query Format: update(tableName).replace(Object)
 4) Delete Query Format: delete(tableName).delete(Object)
  10. Example of Moor Let’s Explore cup of Moor

  11. Aliases

  12. Migration

  13. Thank you

  14. Reference • Master: https://moor.simonbinder.eu/ • Docs: https://moor.simonbinder.eu/docs/ • Migration: https://moor.simonbinder.eu/docs/advanced-features/migrations/

    • Demo Project: https://medium.com/flutterdevs/moor-database-in-flutter-6a78d91b10e5