Lessons learned from 6 years in PyLadies Berlin

Lessons learned from 6 years in PyLadies Berlin

Women are underrepresented in tech . PyLadies initiative aims to bridge that gap in the python community. PyLadies Berlin operate for 6 years. I will share some learnings through these years in our community in Berlin. And talk about the most effective practices that makes our community successful. How we engage with speakers, organizers, how we get motivated to keep going, how we can raise awareness to make a difference.

Resources (in the end)
* Pyladies Berlin org resources - https://bit.ly/2Zo8zIo
* Pyladies Vancouver - https://pyladies-vancouver.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
* Women in tech - http://blog.honeypot.io/women-in-tech-germany/
* Women in tech negative experiences - https://bdtechtalks.com/2019/03/21/sustaining-women-in-technology-stem/
* Writing effective and inclusive job descriptions - https://medium.com/@meb_57007/writing-effective-and-inclusive-job-descriptions-ace2a302f30a
* Stop calling women females - https://www.buzzfeed.com/tracyclayton/stop-calling-women-females?utm_term=.ba9GR6nEx4&source=post_page---------------------------#.tfJvEZzlPb
* Why women leave tech - https://medium.com/tech-diversity-files/if-you-think-women-in-tech-is-just-a-pipeline-problem-you-haven-t-been-paying-attention-cb7a2073b996#.2xw2y2f1s
* Open Tech school Berlin, coaching https://opentechschool.github.io/slides/presentations/coaching
* Django girls, coaching - https://coach.djangogirls.org/tips/
* Non violent communication - https://www.cnvc.org/training/compassion-course-online-2019
* Parent (coaching) effectiveness training


Meili Triantafyllidi

August 08, 2019