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Asking questions

Asking questions

Women often do not ask questions after talks even if the have some. This talk explains why overcoming this fact and fear is important for women in IT and ideas of how we can get into asking more questions.

Meili Triantafyllidi

November 11, 2021

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  1. Asking questions
    in conferences, talks, colleagues
    Meili Triantafyllidi
    @PyLadies Berlin

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  2. How?
    1. Write a question in a
    paper while listening.
    2. Read it once.
    3. Ask

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  3. How?
    1. Find an ally.
    2. Agree that both of you
    will ask a question in
    the end.

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  4. How?
    If you are know the speaker
    and the topic ...
    1. Prepare a question (or
    2) beforehand to
    encourage more

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  5. “Thank you very much for your talk....”
    Start question with..

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  6. More ideas?
    Thoughts/ Questions?
    seriously … say something :)

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