MTC2018 - High-Performance Android - US App: Evolution

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October 04, 2018

MTC2018 - High-Performance Android - US App: Evolution

Speaker: Atsuko Fukui, Matthew Vern

2018 was a year of big changes for the Mercari US Android team. In 2017, the team had only three members spanning the Tokyo and San Francisco offices and was small but efficient; in 2018, the team has doubled in size. As a result, the team has moved from a Public Security Section 9 model, where the strengths of each individual were the focus, to a stage where they are aiming for different strengths across the teams in each country. In this session, the Mercari US team will talk about their unique choice of technologies and approach to teamwork across the Tokyo and Palo Alto offices in their effort to maintain a high level of performance while faced with the challenges of distance and time differences.



October 04, 2018