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Hands-on Gemini, the Google DeepMind LLM

Hands-on Gemini, the Google DeepMind LLM

In this hands-on workshop, you will get to code using Gemini, the new Large Language Model from Google DeepMind. You will first start by familiarizing yourself with the model's capabilities. Then you will use Gemini in different concrete cases, such as extracting data from unstructured text, document classification, but also searching your own documents, or how to supplement the model by integrating the call to external APIs. The workshop will be conducted using the Java language and the LangChain4j library. Come equipped with a laptop. We will code together in the cloud, no need for any special installation on your machine.

Mete Atamel

April 17, 2024

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  4. Google Cloud What are Large Language Models (LLM)? • Transformer-based

    neural network architecture that can recognize, predict, and generate human language • Trained on huge corpuses of text in various languages and domains ◦ PaLM 2 learned 340 billion parameters, and trained over 3.6 trillions of tokens • Learns the statistical relationships between words and phrases, as well as the patterns of human language • Can be fine-tuned for specific tasks or domain knowledge
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  6. Google Cloud What is Gemini (brand)? Gemini is an umbrella

    brand used in Google products that utilize the Gemini model • Bard (consumer chat interface) ⇒ Gemini app • Duet AI (Google Cloud developer assistance) ⇒ Gemini Cloud Assist • Duet AI for developers ⇒ Gemini Code Assist • …
  7. Google Cloud What is Gemini (model)? Gemini is Google Deep

    Mind’s most capable LLM • It’s a multimodal LLM: text, images, videos as inputs • Comes in 3 sizes: Nano, Pro, and Ultra • Supports function calling • Ranks at the top of the various LLM benchmarks (general knowledge, translation, image understanding, reasoning, math, coding, and more…)
  8. Google Cloud Google AI Studio vs. Vertex AI You can

    use Gemini from Google AI Studio or Vertex AI in Google Cloud They’re separate products with separate libraries and language coverage In this workshop, we’ll be using Vertex AI in Google Cloud
  9. Google Cloud Option 1: Vertex AI Java API for Gemini

  10. Google Cloud Onramp TODO valentin screenshots, etc. Not using Onramp

    because of quota issues on step 10 (RAG) Instead, distribute frictionless accounts (email + password) Not using Onramp because of quota issues on step 10 (RAG) Instead, distribute frictionless accounts (email + password)