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Improve Your Development Workflow with Gemini Code Assist

Improve Your Development Workflow with Gemini Code Assist

In this session, you’ll get a tour of Gemini Code Assist, Google’s AI-powered collaborator. You’ll see how to build, test, and deploy an application with Duet AI's help. You’ll discover how it helps understanding and improving existing codebases and a range of other ways that Gemini Code Assist can improve and speed up your development workflow.

Mete Atamel

April 22, 2024

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  1. Google Cloud Gemini (brand) Gemini App previously Bard Gemini Cloud

    Assist previously Duet AI Gemini Code Assist previously Duet AI for developers … Google AI Landscape Vertex AI Google AI Studio previously MakerSuite Model Garden Codey Imagen Llama 2, Claude 2, Falcon, Vicuna, Stable Diffusion … Search & Conversation Vector Search Notebooks Pipelines AutoML PaLM Gemini (model) … Vision, Video, TTS / STT, NL APIs
  2. Models trained on Google Cloud best practices Integrated AI assistance

    across Google Cloud products Cloud Assist Tailored for common personas: developers, operators, data engineers, security professionals Brings AI assistance to you via IDEs and Google Cloud console
  3. Use cases AI code assistance with code completion, code generation,

    code explanation, and multi-turn chat Available with Gemini Code Assist in Cloud Code in Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ, Cloud Shell Editor, Cloud Workstations Assisted Development Optimize enterprise deployments on Google Cloud with intelligence and assistance with tools such as log entry explanation, configuration advice Through Cloud Console integrated chat and widgets Assisted Operations Assisted Security Have trusted AI security advisors by the side for faster and easier threat discovery and security enhancements Through security products such as Chronicle, Mandiant Threat Intelligence, VirusTotal, and Security Command Center Chat in natural language to get immediate, deep insights into the data, and receive contextual code/SQL assistance Through Cloud Console for various databases (eg. BigQuery, Spanner) Assisted Data
  4. Gemini Code Assist is an IDE plugin for AI-assisted application

    development tuned for Google Cloud Supports 20+ programming languages such as Go, Java, Javascript, Python, C#, SQL, and more Available via Cloud Code in multiple IDEs such as Visual Studio Code, JetBrains IDEs (IntelliJ, PyCharm, GoLand, WebStorm, and more), Cloud Workstations, Cloud Shell Editor IDE Coverage Code Assist
  5. Proprietary + Confidential Proprietary + Confidential Ask questions in the

    chat interface in your IDE about designing your app, your code, Google Cloud products and more Chat in IDE
  6. Proprietary + Confidential Proprietary + Confidential Generate code Completes code

    as you type or generates code on demand and suggests fixes
  7. Proprietary + Confidential Proprietary + Confidential Suggests a unit test

    plan for the code, and iterate on it to ensure good coverage of edge cases Create a test plan
  8. Proprietary + Confidential Proprietary + Confidential Once the test plan

    looks good, ask to implement the test plan defined Generate tests
  9. Proprietary + Confidential Proprietary + Confidential License attribution assistance You

    are made aware when a suggestion falls under a permissive license so you can stay compliant with license terms
  10. Code transformation Extended local context Full codebase awareness (private preview)

    Code customization (private preview) Blog post: Ushering a new era for developers Code Assist announcements at Next 24
  11. Proprietary + Confidential Proprietary + Confidential Preview: Code transformation Press

    ⌘ + I anywhere in the editor to get an inline text box for prompts to explain, test, transform (eg. add comments) Available in Cloud Workstations and Cloud Shell Editor
  12. Proprietary + Confidential On Prompting Prompt Refined Prompt Skill/Knowledge Internet

    Refined Prompt Refined Prompt Reformulate Prompt Final Output
  13. Proprietary + Confidential On Prompting Prompt Refined Prompt Skill/Knowledge Internet

    Refined Prompt Refine Prompt Reformulate Prompt Final Output
  14. Proprietary + Confidential You Gemini On Prompting Prompt Refined Prompt

    Skill/Knowledge Internet Refined Prompt Refine Prompt Reformulate Prompt Final Output
  15. Proprietary + Confidential Thank you Mete Atamel Developer Advocate at

    Google @meteatamel atamel.dev speakerdeck.com/meteatamel github.com/meteatamel/gemini-code-assist-tour