The Prototyping Mindset - 2017

The Prototyping Mindset - Devoxx.usĀ 2017

The Prototyping Mindset: Rapidly Build High-Value Prototypes

From the world of Lean Startups, the notion of building a minimum viable product, MVP, seems straightforward as a developer. Yet, so many development teams struggle to quickly build these prototypes. A growing list of features cause scope creep, temptations to future-proof lead to over-engineering and your project's launch dates keep slipping. We won't even mention the budget. What can a development team do?

What if we could adopt a prototyping mindset where, as developers, we could distill a product's purpose to its essential features, identify the ideal customer and build a lightweight application to verify it meets their needs, all within a short timeframe?

After years of building product prototypes with this mindset, we've noticed several ways our conventional developer thinking gets in the way. Join us as we examine each one and contrast it against a prototyping mindset. Not only will you be able to guide your team on how to build efficient, high-value prototypes, but you may find this approach benefits other types of projects.


Marty Haught

March 21, 2017