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NY Textile Lab Supply Chain Comms

NY Textile Lab Supply Chain Comms

Temporary setup for discussion until we figure out something better.


August 16, 2021

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  1. I need some Grade 2 white alpaca, some Grade 3

    white alpaca, some white merino wool, and some white romney wool. Questions: • What’s a reasonable quantity for “some”? • Who gets that message? Everybody in the network? One farmer? One spinner? • In Valueflow terms, does the Designer use a recipe to plan a set of processes for the whole supply chain? • Does each Process include a Request for a Process Agent to fulfill the input requirements? • Should the planning algorithm stop if it finds some inventory at some stage and request those resources and be done? • Or does the Designer send a set of Requests to each Agent for them to plan a Process to fulfill the Designer’s requirements at that stage in the supply chain? • Or does the Designer send a Request to the Spinner, who sends a Request to the Scourer, who sends a Request to the Farmer?