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Introducing Realtime - Node.js Dublin

Introducing Realtime - Node.js Dublin

A brief introduction to real-time web with no code, a bit of history and a.. actually, wait, there's no DeLorean's here...


July 02, 2012

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  1. Micheil Smith / @miksago Node.js Dublin / 28th June 2012

    Introducing Realtime
  2. Ask a question: https://twitter.com/miksago/status/207741122942992384

  3. Receive Answers: • Show the improvement in ‘experience’ • Use

    examples: stock exchange, games, Facebook and iOS push noti ications • Just hammer the message into them
  4. An interesting answer:

  5. So, perhaps, the question is not the importance of realtime...

  6. ...but rather, what is realtime?

  7. None
  8. First, a quick story

  9. It begins with this...

  10. 1892

  11. The story of the Acoustic Telegraph

  12. • Alexander Graham Bell & team • Invented between 1874

    and 1876 • Patent #174,465 issued 1876 • Prior works: Telegraph, Postal Service
  13. 1886: Over 150, 000 in the United States with telephones.

  14. This radically changed how we communicate.

  15. Now... back to the Real-time 10:21:2015

  16. How do you define real-time?

  17. My definition: Real- time same or greater speed than by

  18. Enough definitions. Let’s talk about transport.

  19. WebSockets, WebSockets, WebSockets, Oh, and... Server-Sent Events, ...and... Long-polling ...and....

  20. Firstly, Server-sent Events • Push-messaging from Server to Client •

    Very simple, text-based protocol • A W3C Standard • Wide-spread, uniform browser support http://www.w3.org/TR/eventsource/
  21. Secondly, WebSockets • Bidirectional messaging • Complex, yet powerful binary

    protocol • A W3C + IETF Standard • Wide-spread browser support, but varying incompatible historic versions http://www.w3.org/TR/websockets/
  22. Thirdly? Well, let’s forget about those...

  23. ...unless you’re: Socket.IO, Faye, or Sockjs

  24. The drawbacks or Even if your intentions are good, it

    can backfire drastically!
  25. • Di icult to scale & manage • Shift in

    development patterns • Known as being “risky” • Cloud hosting providers aren’t always up with support
  26. The wins or Whoa! Rock 'n' Roll.

  27. • Greatly enhances user engagement • Enables richer, faster applications

    • Backed by “big players” • The “next big thing”?
  28. None
  29. If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits eighty-eight

    miles an hour, you're going to see some serious shit.
  30. None
  31. Oh, by the way, I work for State And we’re

  32. Thanks for listening! @miksago on Geekli.st / Github / Twitter

    / State aka, everything.