The Base Ingredients of Debugging

The Base Ingredients of Debugging

Slides as given at WCUK 2013 and an upgrade of MWUG June 2013 presentation.

----- Abstract ------
As any web developer will know, love it or hate it, we all need to debug at some point. Whether it be an error in HTML syntax or invalid database queries.

There are basic debugging rules and structures which can or do make all of our lives a little easier. This talk is aimed toward beginners, and intends to convey basic debugging skills utilising HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. Not only will the skill-sets be covered, but also the mindset required in understanding why developing debug-fu is a great asset in any development role.
As a fresh entrant into a development role, all too often you will hear the phrase ""just debug it"", without necessarily owning the knowledge to carry this out in most circumstances, or know why it's even necessary.

When your role involves work with multiple languages and development environments, it can be very hard to know where to begin. The talk will be based on my own experience, from discovering and evaluating solutions within real life scenarios.


Jenny Wong

July 13, 2013