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Developing an Open Science Publishing Strategy

Maxence Larrieu
December 26, 2021

Developing an Open Science Publishing Strategy

Open Science Training for PhD Students : Developing an Open Science Publishing Strategy
Université de Paris,
Maxence Larrieu,
Christophe Pion

Maxence Larrieu

December 26, 2021

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  1. 4 UNIVERSITÉ DE PARIS An article processing charge (APC), also

    known as a publication fee, is a fee which is sometimes charged to authors. Most commonly, it is involved in making a work available as open access (OA), in either a full OA journal or in a hybrid journal.[1][2][3] This fee may be paid by the author, the author's institution, or their research funder
  2. 14 UNIVERSITÉ DE PARIS For the mega publishers, the scientific

    Publishing system is a market Where one can make (huge) profit
  3. 18 UNIVERSITÉ DE PARIS commercial model : authors give their

    right (for free) to the publisher so that it can market the scientific production Open access model : the authors keep their right, so that readers, citizens are free to read, share and reuse the scientific production in the term of the licence.  Science not as a commercial object but has a common good
  4. 24 UNIVERSITÉ DE PARIS What do you call a journal

    where authors can pay to publish in open access?
  5. 25 UNIVERSITÉ DE PARIS The publication is online on the

    publisher's website with restricted access.The authors have (fortunately) not paid the publisher's option
  6. 26 UNIVERSITÉ DE PARIS The authors have applied the law

    for a digital Republic and have deposited in HAL the author manuscript accepted for publication It is an open access article !
  7. 28 UNIVERSITÉ DE PARIS Author Accepted Manuscript Embargo: wait before

    sharing your manuscript 12 month (SSH) 6 month (STM) Article (not Chapter, not proceedings) French funding Criteria of the law for a digital Republic
  8. 30 UNIVERSITÉ DE PARIS Do not wait to deposit in

    HAL Deposit just when it is published, and specify an embargo = a delay before your publication is share on HAL
  9. 35 UNIVERSITÉ DE PARIS Fecher, B., & Friesike, S. (2014).

    Open science: one term, five schools of thought. Opening science, 17-47.
  10. 49 UNIVERSITÉ DE PARIS The commercial publishing system is not

    compatible with the main objective of the scientific community, that is the sharing of knowledge.