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FFS - Great test automation does not absolve you from manual / exploratory testing

FFS - Great test automation does not absolve you from manual / exploratory testing

In recent years we've seen a movement to more test automation replacing manual/exploratory testing and even replacing dedicated testers altogether.
Many programmers don't like to manually test things. But not everything can (or should) be automated. Some things are hard if not impossible to automate, others are simply not worth the effort.
I'll illustrate this with a tale of a new system built by my team where we still found bugs in e2e testing even though we had solid unit and integration test coverage.

Marit van Dijk

September 19, 2018

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  1. Recent years •More test automation •No more dedicated testers •No

    more manual testing - at all! @MaritvanDijk77
  2. But… •We cannot automate everything (we shouldn’t want to) •Automation

    cannot tell you what it’s like to actually use it @MaritvanDijk77
  3. Example: Rebuilding a workflow system + Familiar with process +

    Close cooperation with BA + Unit tests + Integration tests @MaritvanDijk77
  4. E2E Test •Notoriously difficult: •Consistent state in several systems •Collaboration

    between teams/depts •Hard to automate / maintain @MaritvanDijk77
  5. Pair testing •Technical knowledge (dev) •Functional knowledge (test) •Less error

    prone •No time wasted on reproduction •Quickly fixed @MaritvanDijk77