GeeCon 2017: Caching for Business Applications: Best Practices and Gotchas

GeeCon 2017: Caching for Business Applications: Best Practices and Gotchas

Caching is relevant for a wide range of business applications and there is a huge variety of products in the market ranging from easy to adopt local heap based caches to powerful distributed data grids. Most of these caches are being promoted with examples from applications that have the luxury of having 'eventual consistency' as a non-functional requirement. Most business / enterprise applications don't have that luxury. This talks aims at developers and architects that want to adopt a caching solution for their business application. I will present 15 caching patterns and best practices for these kinds of applications that address the typical questions being asked in that context. These questions might be: 'what data can I cache?', 'how to I handle consistency in a distributed environment?', 'which cache provider to choose?' or 'how do I integrate a cache provider in my application?'. This talk comes with many live demos, some of them are run on a distributed cache cluster on Raspberry Pis


Michael Plöd

May 17, 2017