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What's New in JHipsterLand - Devoxx Poland 2017

by Matt Raible

Published June 23, 2017 in Programming

JHipster is an application generator that allows you to create monoliths or microservices, based on Spring Boot and Angular. It leverages Spring Cloud for microservices and contains best-of-breed JavaScript and CSS libraries for creating your UI. In this session, you’ll learn about what’s new in JHipster. Topics include Angular 4, Progressive Web Apps, HTTP/2, JUnit 5 and Spring 5.

Monolith Demo: https://github.com/mraible/jhipster4-demo/blob/master/README.adoc

Microservices Demo: https://developer.okta.com/blog/2017/06/20/develop-microservices-with-jhipster