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Android Studio Is Amazing (Big Android BBQ 2016)

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October 21, 2016

Android Studio Is Amazing (Big Android BBQ 2016)

Mark Scheel - Android Studio is Amazing (Ballroom E/F)

Let's dive deep into the best tool for all Android developers--Android Studio. Learn the secrets of pro users, how to maximize your efficiency and ship more code and more features all with less escaped defects. Android Studio is so nice you can use it twice! Learn about pairing techniques garnered from Android developers at the biggest brands in the Play Store. Please bring a laptop with the latest version of Android Studio (any channel will do) to this session so you can play along in real time, and learn hands on.



October 21, 2016


  1. @5280mark Android Studio is Amazing Mark Scheel Senior Android Engineer

    Digital Construction, iTriage
  2. @5280mark Let’s get into our time machine

  3. @5280mark Wait, you don’t have one?

  4. @5280mark

  5. @5280mark Android Studio is Amazing because Time Time Time

  6. @5280mark @5280mark

  7. @5280mark

  8. @5280mark Call To Action Tweet, people, tweet! @5280mark is making

    a fool of himself at #BABBQ16, he totally just confused structural search with live templates! #AndroidDev
  9. @5280mark Call To Action Get out your laptops, lets roll!

  10. The Basics

  11. @5280mark Setting Up

  12. @5280mark Update Channels

  13. @5280mark Update Channels Android Studio's built-in update mechanism can be

    set to receive updates through any one of these 4 channels. Canary: Bleeding edge, released about weekly. These are early previews released in order to obtain real-world feedback during development. The canary channel will always have the latest build, including updates to beta or stable releases. We recommend running canary builds side-by-side with a beta or stable installation. Dev: Canary builds after a full round of internal testing get promoted into the Dev Channel. Beta: Release candidates based on stable canary builds, released and updated to obtain feedback prior to the stable release. The beta channel will be updated with new stable builds until a new canary build goes to beta. Stable: The official stable release, as available from the Android Developer site.
  14. @5280mark Themes Darcula • great contrast for coding • except

    for outdoor high light situations • or perhaps, presentations Preferences > Appearance
  15. @5280mark Line Number For the love of pete, people, turn

    them ON! (click in gutter)
  16. @5280mark Commands (Keys)

  17. @5280mark Keys

  18. @5280mark Mac vs. Windows vs. Linux

  19. @5280mark Keys

  20. @5280mark

  21. @5280mark KeyCastr

  22. @5280mark The Tricky Option Symbol

  23. @5280mark

  24. @5280mark

  25. @5280mark KeyPromoter (Plugin)

  26. More Advanced Stuff “I feel like this is the best

    version of this talk to date.” - Mark https://github.com/googlesamples/android-MultiWindowPlayground
  27. @5280mark

  28. @5280mark Nyan Cat

  29. @5280mark Nyan logcat cmd-6

  30. @5280mark Navigation

  31. @5280mark Navigation • cmd-click layout file • sniper cross hairs

    (“scroll from source”?) • shift-cmd-[ (editor tab nav) • ctrl-tab (switcher) • ctrl-tab + number (switcher to panel) • Cmd-e (recents) • Cmd-[ (back) (] for forward)
  32. @5280mark Find Action Cmd-Shift-A (local history, DeMorgan Law, etc)

  33. @5280mark Find Action cmd-shift-a • it’s so nice I made

    the slide twice
  34. @5280mark Productivity Guide

  35. @5280mark Complete Statement Cmd-Shift-Enter (try on if, while, for …

    adds boilerplate code)
  36. @5280mark Focus! Cmd-Shift-F12

  37. @5280mark Analyze APK

  38. @5280mark File Structure Cmd-F12

  39. @5280mark Hierarchy ctrl-h aka cmd-8

  40. @5280mark Analyze Stacktrace Pull from any source

  41. @5280mark Expand Selection alt-up arrow camel humps trick

  42. @5280mark Log, back to code, hide log! Cmd-6 esc (back)

    Cmd-6 shift-esc (hide)
  43. @5280mark Surround With cmd-alt t (wraps code in structure, like

    try/catch) neat: try cmd-shift-delete to un-surround note: on mac delete = fn + delete
  44. @5280mark Postfix Completion logd fori Toast (Cmd-J)

  45. @5280mark Multi-Cursor https://blog.jetbrains.com/idea/2014/03/ intellij-idea-13-1-rc-introduces-sublime- text-style-multiple-selections/ alt-shift-click

  46. Breakpoints are amazing Temporary Logging

  47. @5280mark You complete me Tab vs. Enter • tab will

    fill in “smarter” (replace) • enter is more like insert (bar bart barbecue)
  48. Even more stuff for another time

  49. Proxy debugging tools

  50. Source Control

  51. Android Studio Monitors

  52. Layout Inspector

  53. Structural Search and Replace https://realm.io/news/360andev-philippe-breault- android-studio-ide-like-boss-structural-search- refactoring-java/ Philippe Breault

  54. Constraint Layout Editor

  55. Espresso Test Recorder

  56. Checkstyle

  57. @5280mark About the speaker Google Developer Group Denver Digital Construction

    www.digitalconstruction.com iTriage (5+ Million downloads)
  58. Google Developer Group Denver - DevFest

  59. Google Developer Group Denver - I/O Extended

  60. None
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  62. Google Developer Group Denver - Women TechMakers

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  65. @5280mark About the speaker Google Developer Group Denver Digital Construction

    www.digitalconstruction.com iTriage (5+ Million downloads)
  66. Connect @5280mark www.digitalconstruction.com

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