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Thomas Schmidt - Revolutionizing SQL Data Model Testing: Introducing SQL-Mock by DeepL

Thomas Schmidt - Revolutionizing SQL Data Model Testing: Introducing SQL-Mock by DeepL

Picture this: you've just committed code to a SQL model, and suddenly, there it is – a devastating bug wreaking havoc in production. We've all been there. You might be thinking, “Yeah, tests could've prevented this, but the testing solutions available just don't cut it.” Well, we've got exciting news for you!
Join us at the Munich Data Geeks Meetup for a session that dives deep into the world of SQL testing. We'll explore the existing solutions, shed light on their limitations, and unveil a game-changing solution – SQL-Mock, a library soon to be open-sourced in a public beta by DeepL.
SQL-Mock is set to revolutionize the way you test SQL queries. With Python, you can effortlessly mock input data and create tests for various scenarios. In this session, we'll take you on a thrilling journey through SQL-Mock's capabilities. We'll get hands-on, showing you how to define mock tables, create test data, and generate query results.
Say goodbye to the frustration of SQL bugs in production and hello to efficient and reliable testing. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your data engineering and analysis game. Join us and be part of the SQL-Mock revolution!


October 31, 2023

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  1. ⛳ SQL Mock Design Goals • Runs in Python •

    Tool agnostic • Writing unit tests is easy and effortless • Low verbosity and avoid redundant code
  2. 👏 Where sql-mock helped us ✅ Test the query syntax

    ✅ Test that query logic results in intended outcome ✅ Test edge cases
  3. 🔮 Future plans • Dbt integration • Support equality assertion

    for CTEs within the query • Generative AI for drafting tests
  4. 🚀 How to get started? • pip install “sql-mock[bigquery]” and

    start testing • Check out the repository and add your ideas / start contributing
  5. Ask me now or contact me later if you have

    questions Thomas Schmidt Senior Data Scientist @DeepL [email protected] @somtom91 thomas-heinz-schmidt We are hiring @