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Thoughts about build flow

March 28, 2019

Thoughts about build flow


March 28, 2019

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  1. 4PVUI,PSFB Japan Taiwan No.1 2017 release No.1 !5 1BJSTʹ͍ͭͯ ల։ࠃ

    ̐ͭͷϓϥοτϑΥʔϜ CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION: Not for Public Distribution - Do Not Copy
  2. • Summary • Current build flow of Pairs Global •

    We are moving our build flow to the cloud Contents
  3. • Building on cloud CI/CD took a very long time

    until now • But now • Swift compiler is faster (4.2 batch mode) • We can build large applications on cloud CI/CD Summary
  4. 1. Run UnitTests 2. Archive 3. Upload to AppStoreConnect 4.

    Create git-tag using timestamp 5. Upload artifact to git-tag on GitHub Flow
  5. • Beta • For Testing (Internal / External) • Release

    • For Release and for Testing (Internal / External) Archive
  6. • We can install beta / release apps with TestFlight

    • Using Internal / External Testers Upload to AppStoreConnect
  7. • After successful upload to AppStoreConnect • Create a tag

    with environment and timestamp • v50.4.0-appstore.53240316.1 • v50.4.0-beta.52968482.0 Create git-tag using timestamp
  8. • We created a large application • Over 140000 lines

    Swift Code • CI/CD took over 1 hour to archive or time out • Building the code of CocoaPods • Building the code of Application With Swift2.x
  9. • Jenkins is an open source automation server written in

    Java • Powerful & Flexible Jenkins
  10. • Setting up is too hard for us * •

    Does not have cool UI Design * • https://ci.swift.org/ is better. But,
  11. • https://github.com/eure/Tower • Watch branch with polling • Run shell-script,

    if Tower finds new commits on a branch • That’s it. But actually just what I needed. eure/Tower instead of Jenkins
  12. • Creating Server Software has some difficult points. • Manage

    child-process • Zero memory leaks • To keep working as long as possible But,
  13. • Multi-branch Pipeline • Blue Ocean is a plugin •

    Jenkins + Blue Ocean = Better UI Design (Better) Jenkins + Blue Ocean
  14. • Management cost of Jenkins is high • With Bitrise,

    we can see the status of tasks from online We are trying to use Bitrise
  15. • Longer archive time, but it’s no big deal •

    Incredibly fast compared to few years ago Awesome
  16. • Carthage creates prebuilt frameworks. • No need to build

    them for archive • Most of archiving time is building frameworks managed by CocoaPods in our project • Recently, we came back to CocoaPods We can reduce it with Carthage
  17. • LLDB does not work well with Carthage. • "error:

    Couldn't IRGen expression, no additional error" • To create an umbrella framework that includes many static frameworks • App launch time will be faster by reducing dynamic linking. Why we use CocoaPods
  18. • Easier to debug inside libraries. • We can notice

    debug logs from libraries. Why we use CocoaPods