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AMP in the Wild

AMP in the Wild

No JS? No problem! From the beginning it was never our intention to recreate a Guardian article in AMP. We used it as an opportunity to rethink our article pages. In the end, that process has led us to improve our onward journey experience and even redesign our header and navigation.

In this talk you will learn about some of the problems that we faced when turning a Guardian article into an AMP page. We will also discuss how we dealt with monitoring our AMP pages for validation, and some of the pros and cons of building and supporting AMP.

Video link to come shortly.

Natalia Baltazar

March 08, 2017

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  1. The Guardian, the only known media site where their non-AMP

    files are actually faster. Because they're awesome Malte Ubl Oct 2015 goo.gl/61SXUB
  2. • Content in menu changes on each global edition •

    First time users were 3 times more likely to think of us as a news site
  3. z

  4. How do we break AMP? 1. Developer - Scala Tests

    - Cron Job 2. Journalist - Validate top 50 - FUTURE: track latest errors in real time
  5. But what is the cost of AMP? 1. Initial setup

    cost - Include it as part of your website - Separate stack 2. Continued developer cost 3. Maintenance cost
  6. VS

  7. AT

  8. Advertising Revenue • For ad CPM, AMP is within 5%

    • CPM = Cost per thousand impressions