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Progressive Web Apps, are they the Future?

Progressive Web Apps, are they the Future?

Quick overview of what a PWA is and what you need to meet the requirements. Also highlighting some concerns I have regarding current implementations.


Natalia Baltazar

June 07, 2016


  1. Progressive Web Apps Are they the future?

  2. @NataliaLKB

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  4. What is a PWA? Definition from Google developers:

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  6. What do you really need? • Web app manifest ◦ • Service worker ◦
  7. Include this in your web page This is a Web

    app manifest
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  9. Service Workers Want to influence the Spec?

  10. Want more about Service Workers? • The Offline Cookbook -

    Jake Archibald ◦ • Building an Offline Page for the Guardian: ◦ • Your First Offline Web App ◦
  11. Examples of Progressive Web Apps • Washington Post: ◦

    • Air Berlin ◦ • More examples ◦
  12. • Most examples are mobile only (not responsive?) • Some

    examples are not yet linkable • Most assume javascript is installed (not very progressive) • If launched from a home icon it does not show the URL (considered best practice) Concerns with PWAs
  13. The future looks bright Despite my concerns though, PWAs are

    awesome! @NataliaLKB
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