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Intro to DevOps

Intro to DevOps

Néstor Salceda

May 15, 2013

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  1. What the hell is DevOps?

  2. @nestorsalceda

  3. Let me tell you a story!

  4. Working software over comprehensive documentation

  5. None
  6. None
  7. The war of confusion!!

  8. Let me tell you more awesome stories!

  9. DevOps is not about

  10. Renaming ops to devops

  11. A process nor a certification

  12. Giving root access to everyone

  13. None
  14. Deploying on Thursday instead of Friday, and continue praying

  15. DevOps is about

  16. Breaking silos

  17. Pairing with developers

  18. Communication with developers

  19. Being a team

  20. Alchemy and black magic with terminals

  21. Ansible @luisperlaz

  22. Chef

  23. Thank you!

  24. @nestorsalceda