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How convenience Is Killing open standards

How convenience Is Killing open standards

All the technical freedom and diversity we enjoy in our industry is the result of internal, grass root evangelism. Over the last couple of decades, thought leaders have strongly opposed manufacturer-centric strategies and argued the case of Open Source and Open Standards. This ultimately led to the success of Linux and Open Source we have today.

But now, two decades later, the IT industry is in upheaval again: All three major cloud providers have been pushing their serverless solutions in order to lure customers into a new form of vendor lock-in. And they succeeded: The number of serverless deployments has already surpassed those of container based ones.

“So this is how liberty dies … with thunderous applause”

I think there is no time to waste, to remind ourselves about Open Standards, their value to our industry, and why it is worth to fight for them to survive. Open Standards go beyond the boundaries of development and operation. They are the foundation of a barrier free interoperability and independent communications. The lecture aims to inspire the connection between both worlds and paradigms for a modern and flexible application infrastructure.



June 21, 2019


  1. How Convenience Is Killing Open

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  3. •CEO @NETWAYS, @ICINGA •DevOpsDays •From Nuremberg | Germany @gethash About

  4. •Started as a Solaris Admin •Came into the Oracle DBA

    business •Ended up in an Open Source Company •There is a high chance I will retire there My Background
  5. Motivation

  6. I am old

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  8. None
  9. None
  10. Big Goals

  11. We wanted that

  12. Promises

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  14. The supposed improvements made it worse

  15. Verschlimmbesserung

  16. Frustrating

  17. Standards

  18. POSIX

  19. None
  20. GNU Tools

  21. Linux

  22. Communities

  23. Diversity

  24. Fantastic

  25. Time flies

  26. Current Status

  27. None
  28. None
  29. More Open Source than ever before

  30. On Premises Public Cloud Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud Today 2020

    18% 19% 31% 37% 22% 20% 41% 27% Data provided by LogicMonitor CloudReport
  31. Where is the problem?

  32. Open Source Open Standards

  33. API <> Open Standard

  34. Unbalanced market

  35. 3% 11% 12% 12% 19% 52% 61% 2% 6% 8%

    10% 18% 45% 64% Alibaba Cloud Oracle Cloud VMware on AWS IBM Cloud Google Cloud Azure AWS 2018 2019 Data by RightScale State of the Cloud Report
  36. “No“ Standards

  37. None
  38. Impact on Open Source

  39. Good and Evil (not so good)

  40. Fear and Protection

  41. New licenses

  42. Open Source and Standards need Support ++

  43. Future

  44. FaaS SaaS PaaS IaaS

  45. Is winter coming?

  46. Well, no!

  47. Convenience is a risk

  48. Lock-in is a risk

  49. Slowness is a risk too

  50. Data by RightScale State of the Cloud Report #1 priority

    cloud cost optimization.
  51. Pricing in oligopoly

  52. 2006 $ 67 2019 $ 285 Dose of Insulin

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  54. What can you do?

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  56. Interoperability is important

  57. Support Variety

  58. Demand contribution

  59. Doubt

  60. Diversity is up to you!

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