Everybody Lies @ code.talks 2016

De023a9aff4c7a5ede3a81e8c76f17b5?s=47 Niels Leenheer
September 30, 2016

Everybody Lies @ code.talks 2016

This is a talk about browser sniffing. And yes, I do realise it is 2016. I know browser sniffing is ugly and we should all be using feature detection. But a quick search on Github still shows millions of lines of code referring to user agents strings. So this message clearly hasn’t landed yet. But why is browser sniffing a bad choice? This talk will dive into history and show the origin of the user agent string and the hidden battle between browser makers and web developers. It will show its simple beginnings and the horrible monstrosity it has become.


Niels Leenheer

September 30, 2016