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Effective Refinement using Game Cards - Business Agility Meetup Berlin, 30.04.2024

Nils Hyoma
April 30, 2024

Effective Refinement using Game Cards - Business Agility Meetup Berlin, 30.04.2024

Nils Hyoma

April 30, 2024

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  1. Nils Hyoma • Manager @ MHP • Agile Coach &

    Trainer • Worked as a backend developer • Water polo player and coach • Father of a 10-year-old boy • Studied economics and computer science in Hamburg and Hiroshima • Likes Gamification
  2. The Scenario • You are now a developer in a

    Scrum Team. • The User Story you'll see is estimated above the limit of 13 Story Points, 20 SP! • Your task is to brainstorm and identify strategies to reduce the complexity of the User Story, ensuring that the team can develop it without risks in the next sprint.
  3. The Product Introducing 'SeatSpectra' - Your Personal Cinematic Universe! Immerse

    yourself in the perfect seat selection with our VR Seat Booking App. Experience events through a lifelike virtual view, and, for the first time, enter your size to ensure a hilarious and personalized cinema experience.
  4. The User Story As a Cinema enthusiast, I want to

    find the perfect seat so that I can enjoy an optimal viewing experience during events.
  5. Acceptance Criterias • Seat Navigation: Users can smoothly navigate between

    different seats in the virtual venue. • Accurate Virtual View: The virtual view accurately represents the sightlines and perspectives from each selected seat. • Booking Confirmation: Users receive a clear and detailed confirmation message after successfully booking a seat. • Cross-Platform Compatibility: The app functions consistently on both iOS and Android platforms, as well as across Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers. • Visibility Check with Size Input: If users input their size, the app checks and confirms that the selected seat provides a comfortably visible view of the screen.
  6. User Story Splitting Challenge 1. Read Vision, User Story, and

    Acceptance Criteria. 2. Analyse the Red Cards: Identify potential complexities. 3. Pair Up: Collaborate with a neighbour. 4. User Story Splitting: Apply techniques (f.e. size-based, workflow-based, rule-based, ..). 5. Discuss & Document: Share insights and document your approach. 6. Timebox: 3 minutes for efficient collaboration. 7. Share Insights: Each pair briefly shares their splitting strategy.
  7. How to play? •As a serious game with a scenario

    •As an addition / alternative to Planning Poker •Define your refinement process (and responsibilities) with your team
  8. •Enables communication and brings fun •Increases psychological safety •Fosters solution

    strategy sharing and discussion •Visualizes communication, supports timeboxes and decision-making Learnings and observations