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The Manifesto for Responsible Software Development

The Manifesto for Responsible Software Development

Lightningtalk @BathRuby Conference 2016


Nils Löwe

March 11, 2016

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  1. The Manifesto for Responsible Software Development How to be a

    #ResponsibleCoder http://manifesto.responsiblesoftware.org/
  2. Are we taking the world into the right direction?

  3. Hippocratic Oath: 500 BC The Obligation of the Engineer: 1922

  4. 2015 The Manifesto for Responsible Software Development

  5. I am ethically responsible for my decisions and I will

    act according to my conscience.
  6. I will not develop software that is intended to violate

    human rights and civil liberties.
  7. I will be worthy of the faith in me as

    an expert of my profession.
  8. I will collect only the data that is essential for

    my task. I will store it only as long as needed.
  9. I will do my very best to prevent the waste

    of energy and resources.
  10. I make these promises solemnly, freely and upon my honor.

  11. Do you want to be a #ResponsibleCoder? Join us at

    http:/ /manifesto.responsiblesoftware.org/
  12. Thank you! @NilsLoewe http:/ /manifesto.responsiblesoftware.org/