Getting started with making macOS utility app using private APIs

Getting started with making macOS utility app using private APIs

While using macOS day to day life, you may feel something is missing, or probably you may find repeating yourself and need some help by the tools or utilities.

In this talk, based on the experiences to make a TouchBar utility app, HapticKey, we will discuss how to make a macOS utility app stays in the status bar. Also, we will see how to reverse engineering macOS undocumented private APIs to provide utility functionalities.

Expected audiences and knowledge:
- Those who want to improve their day to day life by themselves.
- Intermediate level of Apple platform knowledge.
- Beginner level of Objective-C knowledge.

The goal of this talk:
- Make `NSStatusBar` utility application.
- Reverse engineering undocumented private APIs and use it.

Following topics are non-goal of this talk:
- Basic knowledge about how to use Xcode
- Security problems related to reverse engineering.
- Swift


Yoshimasa Niwa

September 08, 2019