Kotlin – your 2017 Java replacement

Kotlin – your 2017 Java replacement

Do you dream about life without unexpected nulls? Do you fancy a little bit of functional programming? Are you tired of Java ceremony?

Then maybe 2017 is The Right Moment to choose Kotlin! This JVM language brings you stuff like null-safety and immutability by default. Less boilerplate, more safety. And you can introduce it in your project class after class, module after module, without risky revolution.

I will show you pros and cons of Kotlin, based on last 8 months of my experience. In November 2016 I started a new backend project built on top of Gradle and Spring. Today I still do not regret the decision to write it in Kotlin. Let's see if I convince you! :-)


Paweł Barszcz

June 21, 2017