There is no impenetrable system - So, why we are just waiting to get breached?

There is no impenetrable system - So, why we are just waiting to get breached?

Although it might be hard to accept. By principle, attackers can establish footholds in our systems whenever they want (zero-day exploits). This presentation is some input for a panel discussion about "Security and Safety in Cloud-based Systems and Services" (9th International Conference on Cloud Computing, GRIDs, and Virtualization (CLOUD COMPUTING 2018) in Barcelona, Spain in February 2018).

Cloud application security engineering efforts focus to harden the "fortress walls". Therefore, cloud applications rely on these defensive walls but seldom attack intruders actively. There is the somehow the need for a more reactive component. A component that could be inspired by biological systems. Biological systems consider by design that defensive "walls" can be breached at several layers. So, biological systems provide an additional active defense system to attack potential successful intruders - an immune system. Although several experts find this approach "intriguing", there are follow-up questions arising. What is about exploits that adapt to bio-inspired systems? How to protect the immune system against direct attacks? Are cloud immune systems prone to phenomenons like fever (running hot) or auto-immune diseases (self-attacking)?


Nane Kratzke

February 20, 2018