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Alex Qin

June 10, 2018

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  1. it felt like I was hyper visible and invisible at

    the same time @alexqin . @dokutech .
  2. Do you have a boyfriend?
 Do you like to

    dress sexy for him? @alexqin . @dokutech .
  3. why do I love code if code doesn’t love me

    back? @alexqin . @dokutech .
  4. When I cut my hair short, I stopped getting sexually

    harassed at tech events. @alexqin . @dokutech .
  5. Cut your hair. Become a BAD ASS. Be more of

    a bitch. Learn to ignore it. @alexqin . @dokutech .
  6. Summer camps, classes, and digital tools to 
 reclaim the

    magic of learning. @alexqin . @dokutech .