S4K@English presentation class

9cdb1d21375062bc2cd0d1358c2fa1f0?s=47 Shoma SATO
December 16, 2013

S4K@English presentation class

Hello, everyone. I’m Neo. Today I would like to introduce my application “Shusseki Kanri 4 Kuzu” to you. This is a school timetable application for Android smartphone. Today I’ll talk about 2 concepts and 3 typical functions of “Shusseki Kanri 4 Kuzu”.

First, I’ll talk about 2 concepts. Last year, I cut many classes and I had trouble at the end of the term. I didn’t remember how many times I was absent from or late for each class. I didn’t know whether or not I could take credits. I didn’t know how many more times I could skip school. Of course I installed some timetable app on my smartphone. But, these were uninteresting and useless for me. I didn’t even want to use them. So, I decided to make a school timetable application myself. Then, I decided that the foremost concept is “application of the scum students, by the scum students, for the scum students”. Next, I came up with some ideas of functions and design. I thought that I want to make a *more* novel and *more* unique application than former ready-made applications in addition to high usability. this is the second concept. Needless to say, high usability is the first.

Second, I’ll tell you what is unique about “Shusseki Kanri 4 Kuzu”. I’ll show you about 3 typical functions. One of the most typical functions is the “level of scum”. It visualizes how much you are scum. If you cut a class, your level of scum rises up by 3. If you are late for a class, your level rises up by 1. Incidentally, if you cut 4 classes in succession, add 3 and 3 and 3 and 3 and you have 12. No, my app is very generous, it gives you bonus level, add 1 and 2 and 3 and you’ll have 6. To sum up, 18 levels rises in total. You would be happy. Don’t you think so? Next, the second typical functions is “easy to share on Twitter”. If you have a Twitter account, you can tweet and share your attendance and your level of scum easily. Then, it is the third typical functions: a button “I want to go home”. It is a simple joke function. Tweet “I want to go home” by pressing of the button. If your level of scum becomes more than 10 levels, you can use “I want to cut classes” button. Do I not have to explain it? Good.

Last, “Shusseki Kanri 4 Kuzu” has unique concepts and functions. I would be happy if you download and use it. If you don’t have Android smartphone and using iPhone or have no smartphones, don’t worry! Fortunately I got a reliable collaborator. We are planning to provide “Shusseki Kanri 4 Kuzu” as the Web Service and application for Android and iOS. Don’t miss it! Thank you.


Shoma SATO

December 16, 2013