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How to build beautiful Vuesualizations

How to build beautiful Vuesualizations

This is a talk about how to visualize your data with D3.js and Vue.js framework


Natalia Tepluhina

November 28, 2019

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  1. How to build beautiful Vuesualizations

  2. Why visualize your data?

  3. A B C Content A 100 200 400 Content B

    $67,000 $56,000 $78,000 Content C 4500 60000 $8,000 Who could resist tables
  4. Shirley Wu’s Film Flowers

  5. Vue.js Core Team Member I am Natalia Tepluhina Google Developer

    Expert Senior Frontend Engineer @N_Tepluhina
  6. So, what is D3.js?

  7. Charts

  8. Custom visualisations

  9. DOM Manipulation Select elements Insert/remove nodes Change style, class, text,

    HTML etc.
  10. Vue can make it!

  11. Let’s build a Vueniverse!

  12. (I really hope one day it will be that big)

  13. Build a star Step 01 Walkthrough Step 02 Scale star

    properties Step 03 Add dataset
  14. Star math

  15. Star math

  16. Star math

  17. Star math

  18. Scaling 1…1000 Domain 1…250 Range

  19. Scaling Repo stars Issues Contributors Star radius Star color Star

  20. Hierarchy & Pack

  21. You can find me at: @N_Tepluhina Thanks!