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Introduction to WSO2 User Engagement Server

Introduction to WSO2 User Engagement Server


Nuwan Bandara

August 20, 2013

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  1. Introducing WSO2 User Engagement Server Nuwan Bandara Product Lead -

  2. Engaging User Experiences ❏ The first impression ❏ The interactiveness

    ❏ Intuitiveness ❏ User experience ❏ Personalization http://www.info-design.net/laborbuch/2010/10/user-experience/
  3. Rapid UI development ❏ Businesses communication via data presentation ❏

    Changing business needs, require views of new dimensions ❏ Presentations need to be created by the business users ❏ Simple dashboards or complex views
  4. Advanced Application Composition ❏ Full fledge web application composition ❏

    Server side logic support ❏ Intuitive Web IDE ❏ Application governance
  5. Role based views ❏ Permission based filtering ❏ Role based

    presentation ❏ Personalization http://www.flippersitedeveloper. com/CMS/Features/UsersRolesSecurity/UserRolesSecurity/
  6. Discovery ❏ Enterprise store integration ❏ Discovery via a social

  7. Demo