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Connected Government Reference Architecture

Connected Government Reference Architecture

Government organizations use a variety of applications to serve citizens. The use of IT reduces the time to serve and increases the efficiency of organizations. Yet, most of these applications operate in silos and are not connected to each other. This disconnect can result in the organization’s losing some possible interactions between them; they would also lose some important insight about citizen data due to the absence of a holistic view of the citizen.


Nuwan Bandara

March 04, 2015

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  1. Connected Government Reference Architecture Connected Reference Architecture Webinar Series Nuwan

    Bandara Senior Lead, Solutions Architecture @nuwanbando 03/04/2015
  2. None
  3. Problems in Government Processors Paper based processes Cost of in-person

    service Silo’d systems & data Fraud detection and Prevention Avoiding contradictions between different levels of authorities Longer processes due to missing some automation Not using the “known” data, documents No transparency to the process and states “Citizen Centric” mindset
  4. Stakeholders central government state / local government citizens state agencies

    private sector
  5. Connected government models Centrally owned and managed Centrally owned, but

    locally managed Locally owned and managed
  6. What does the stakeholders need Data Applications Services Workflows Rules

  7. Needs into perspective Citizen portal Employee applications Dashboards for CxOs

    (the elected members) Automated tasks / jobs Document repositories Reports APIs SMS / IVR based applications Sensors Accessibility Security Scaleability Privacy Reliability functional quality of services
  8. Devices & services Infrastructure devices sensors and services connecting to

    the private government cloud
  9. Protocols & Data formats Mainframe / COBOL SOAP / XML

    over HTTP JMS / message queues Fat files / Files over FTP REST / JSON over HTTP Custom binary protocols (infrastructure sensors)
  10. Interoperability Solving interoperability through a connected bus architecture

  11. Data fedaration & mediation Local government data Private & public

    institutional data Federal data Citizen data Infrastructure data Consolidated / aggregated data views
  12. Data fedaration & mediation service bus cloud services data bus

  13. Data governance & entitlement Protecting the privacy of the citizen

    Protecting state & federal laws Complying to state & federal confidentiality Data protection
  14. Data governance & entitlement data bus service bus cloud services

    identity & entitlement bus
  15. Complex events Surveillance and national security Infrastructure monitoring (power grid

    / telco grid / water grid) Transportation systems monitoring (national highway system / domestic aviation system etc) Citizen services (retirement benefit tracking / social security / medicare etc)
  16. Complex events complex events processor event queue email / alerts

    dashboards service bus gov cloud
  17. Availability & scalability Government PaaS Elastic scaling of services and

    platform Minimum HA setup Multi zone / region based availability
  18. The connected reference architecture data bus Gov cloud service bus

    Gov API gateway security gateway event processor big data analytics event queue data queue cloud services services workflows
  19. WSO2 view on reference model data bus Gov cloud service

    bus Gov API gateway security gateway event processor big data analytics event queue data queue cloud services services workflows
  20. Challenges Disconnected mode - not all areas / stakeholders are

    connected Bringing all state / federal agencies to a single architecture / platform Automating everything Understanding documenting and government workflows Human factor
  21. Case studies Sri Lanka e-Government Infrastructure – Crishantha Nanayakkara, ICTA

    - http:// wso2.com/library/conference/2014/10/wso2con-usa-2014-cloud-based-soa-e- government-infrastructure-in-sri-lanka/ A Case Study on Consolidation of Middleware Platform - Badri Sriraman, Karsun Solutions LLC - http://wso2.com/library/conference/2014/10/wso2con-usa-2014-a-case- study-on-consolidation-of-middleware-platform/ State of Arizona’s Enterprise Services Platform (AESP) Journey - Aaron Sandeen, State of Arizona - http://wso2.com/library/conference/2014/10/wso2con-usa-2014-state- of-arizonas-enterprise-services-platform-journey/
  22. A thin slice demonstration license renewal service insurance service emission

    test service license service payment service
  23. Technical implementation REST/JSON SOAP/XML OAuth 2.0 SOAP/XML API Management Service

    Orchestration Services analytics
  24. //Questions ? Thank you !