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How to DevOpsDays

7baf2273dbe613e6500a3568649c55e2?s=47 Joe Nuspl
September 12, 2017

How to DevOpsDays

So you’re here at DevOpsDays… Now what? How do you make the most of it? This talk will give practical tips and suggestions so you have an awesome experience at DevOpsDays.


Joe Nuspl

September 12, 2017


  1. How to DevOpsDays nuspl@nvwls.com

  2. #DevOpsDays @JoeNuspl Who am I? • @JoeNuspl • Principal Engineer

    @ Workday • http://github.com/nvwls • http://nvwls.github.io/
  3. None
  4. #DevOpsDays @JoeNuspl Remember • DevOpsDays are all volunteer run •

    Countless hours are put in • Please thank them
  5. #DevOpsDays @JoeNuspl So how do you make the most of

  6. https://80stees.imgix.net/s/files/1/0384/0921/products/frankie-says-relax-t-shirt.main.jpeg? v=1490630730&auto=format&fit=max&h=1500&w=1500&

  7. #DevOpsDays @JoeNuspl Get on twitter • Follow people who spoke

    • Follow organizers • Follow projects • Follow sponsors
  8. #DevOpsDays @JoeNuspl Talk to People • Strike up conversations at

    lunch • Where you work is not as important as what you do • Make those connections, you never know where you next job or your next hire will come from.
  9. None
  10. #DevOpsDays @JoeNuspl Ignore your coworkers • You can talk to

    them after the conference • Unless it is “I’m going to this open space, you go to that one”
  11. #DevOpsDays @JoeNuspl Utilize the Hallway Track • Continue open spaces

    discussions • Talk to speakers • Talk to people who asked questions
  12. #DevOpsDays @JoeNuspl Attend the Evening Event • Continue building those

  13. #DevOpsDays @JoeNuspl Technique vs. Implementation • I’m at a Linux-only

    shop so why would I listen to a Windows talk
  14. #DevOpsDays @JoeNuspl #cheffriends • Take a selfie or us-ie with

    someone you meet and tag them in your tweet • Post conference you can go back through you feed
  15. #DevOpsDays @JoeNuspl Don’t be a jerk • Get a real

    operating system • Use a real editor • You’re using X? There’s your problem!
  16. #DevOpsDays @JoeNuspl Don’t be a jerk • It may seem

    funny at the time but your attempts at humor are actually stifling the conversation
  17. #DevOpsDays @JoeNuspl Have Compassion • Some decision were made before

    someone joins a company • Or they don’t have the power to change them • “How do I make my life suck less?”
  18. #DevOpsDays @JoeNuspl Simple Math • You have 2 ears and

    1 mouth • At a minimum you should listen twice as you speak
  19. #DevOpsDays @JoeNuspl Obligatory • We’re hiring! • workday.com/careers

  20. https://is2-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Music/v4/35/6a/ce/356ace66-3eec-f937-7a12-de53c578258e/source/ 1200x630bb.jpg