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Team Building for $39.99

7baf2273dbe613e6500a3568649c55e2?s=47 Joe Nuspl
September 20, 2017

Team Building for $39.99

Board games are not only fun; they are great for team building. Co-operative games are a great way to see how people operate under pressure. Your company may have a disaster recovery plan but most DR tests do not involve unknowns and stress. I hope to inspire you to incorporate gaming into work.


Joe Nuspl

September 20, 2017


  1. Team Building for $39.99 @JoeNuspl nuspl@nvwls.com

  2. @JoeNuspl #DevOpsDays Born and raised in Palmyra

  3. @JoeNuspl #DevOpsDays Who am I? • Senior Operations Engineer @

    Workday • Author of the zap cookbook for chef • DevOpsDays Portland Organizer
  4. @JoeNuspl #DevOpsDays On-boading • Train them • Make them feel

    part of the team
  5. None
  6. None
  7. Just find cures for four global diseases

  8. The game is trying to kill you

  9. Talk about strategy.

  10. @JoeNuspl #DevOpsDays Experienced players have no advantage over beginners

  11. @JoeNuspl #DevOpsDays Many ways to lose

  12. @JoeNuspl #DevOpsDays How does this relate to team building?

  13. @JoeNuspl #DevOpsDays Practice Effective and Efficient Communicate

  14. @JoeNuspl #DevOpsDays

  15. @JoeNuspl #DevOpsDays

  16. @JoeNuspl #DevOpsDays See how people operate under stressful situations •

    Risk takers? • Ask for help? • Bossy?
  17. @JoeNuspl #DevOpsDays Bonding • Stressful situations tend to form a

    bond between people involved
  18. @JoeNuspl #DevOpsDays Increase intensity • Add timer • Or blind

    cards • Limit communication
  19. None
  20. @JoeNuspl #DevOpsDays Play More Games! • nuspl@nvwls.com • https://github.com/nvwls •

    https://www.workday.com/en-us/company/ careers.html