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Evolution into core, status and roadmap

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October 04, 2017

Evolution into core, status and roadmap

Status of Evolve extensions upstreaming into core.



October 04, 2017


  1. Evolution into core status and roadmap

  2. Ecosystem • 13 releases in 2017 (5.6.0 -> 6.7.0)

    with 16 contributors • 2 sprints this year • topics actively developed alongside • growing user base with a variety of workflows • Bitbucket added support for history editing using evolve
  3. Status and recent advances obs-history: obslog, obsfate in log, push/pull

    report exchange: new discovery protocol, bundle supports evolve: merge handling, preview, scope, vocabulary performances: startup, discovery upstreaming: log templates, exchange-tests, effect-flag feature branching: topic at beta stage misc: pypi, bug-fixes, documentation improvement
  4. polish existing commands • improve core commands (hg rebase) •

    prevent local divergence • warn about distributed divergence more information • improved push/pull reports • improved journal Next steps: accessible to new users
  5. hg evolve • ☑ handle simple case of instability/divergences, •

    ☐ handle common case of divergences • ☐ handle corner case of divergences hg rewind • Easily restore previous evolutions of a stack Next steps: commands
  6. New discovery • Finalise caches and algorithm • Subset detection

    Feature branching • Simplify draft exchanges • Bitbucket supports for all • Improved named branch (then topic?) Next steps: distributed
  7. Development is user feedback driven Roadmap • •

    Public Kaban board • Main blockers to be solved in the next 6 months Conclusion