Spring Data Repositories - A Deep Dive

Spring Data Repositories - A Deep Dive

Slides of my talk on Spring Data repositories at 33degree conference in Warszaw, Poland.


Oliver Drotbohm

March 14, 2013


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    Oliver Gierke SpringSource Spring Data modules Core / JPA /

    Mongo ogierke@vmware.com www.olivergierke.de olivergierke
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    "e implementation of the persistence layer will be based on

    the Spring Data repositories abstraction. Customers can be saved, looked up by their id, email address.
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    "As a user, I want to search for customers by

    firstname, lastname, email address and any combination of them
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    Proxy mechanism Using Spring's JDK proxy support Bootstrap through Factory

    Spring FactroyBean / CDI XML namespace / @EnableRepositories
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    Spring Data Modern Data Access For Enterprise Java NoSQL JPA

    JDBC Redis Big Data Hadoop HBase MongoDB Neo4j REST exporter Roo Hive Pig Querydsl Repositories Gemfire Splunk Free JPA chapter - http://bit.ly/sd-book-chapter