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Outside the Box LLN - Presentation

Outside the Box LLN - Presentation

Outside the Box LLN is an innovators club whose long-term goal is to create a structure that fosters innovation among students.
In this presentation, you will discover more about us, what we do and how you can join the movement :)

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us on otbox.lln@gmail.com or on our Facebook page @OutsidetheBoxLLN.

Outside the Box LLN

February 22, 2017

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  1. New Student Innovators Club at LLN

  2. 2 HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED Where great ideas come from

    ? How to find them ? Why university do not teach innovation ? Can you force creativity ?
  3. None
  4. We are a young club of innovators born in September

    2016, with currently 6 members. The concept is simple: each week, we gather in groups to think about innovative solutions to specific problems affecting society. At the end, each group presents its ideas to others. During these sessions, we learn about divergent thinking and how to approach a problem from a unique angle, basically how to get “out of the box”. We also have the chance to be located in the CEI, near the Yncubator, a startup accelerator. OUR VISION FOSTER INNOVATION AMONG STUDENTS TO CREATE THE NEXT WAVE OF CHANGE MAKERS 4
  5. 01 02 03 04 5 WEEKLY SESSIONS We meet for

    3 hours every week to brainstorm about specific problems affecting society, e.g. traffic jams, pollution in Smart Cities, plastic waste, etc. MIDI DES INNOVATEURS We also meet for a lunch every ~2 weeks where one member presents a topic he has chosen : What is Biomimicry ? Why Innovate ? How to pitch ? It is also the occasion to talk about the internal structure and our future projects. CAFES NUMERIQUES It is a new project that we just started. Every month, we will organize these events. It will basically be a talk given by 3 experts on a given field related to the numeric field. All of this, under a relax atmosphere. CONTESTS Our members take part in various contests such as EBEC, Morpheus Cup, LSM Cup, etc. And it is something we continue doing as it is a perfect opportunity to test the skills we are learning during our sessions. HOW WE WORK
  6. 6 OUR PROJECTS Some of the things we do in

    image : weekly sessions, Cafés Numériques, Contests such as EBEC, LSM Cup, MorpheusCup, etc. We also have the chance to be located in the CEI and have some support from the Openhub, a creative hub in Wallonia.
  7. 01 02 03 04 04 06 7 WHAT YOU WILL

    GAIN INNOVATIVE It is the core of our activities. We learn how to think and approach problems from a different perspective, PRESENTATIONS At the end of a case, each group presents his work to others in a ppt presentation (all in English). TEAMWORK We always work in teams and switch teams after each case, so everybody works with everybody. RESSOURCES Database of brainstorming techniques, solved cases, useful contacts, tips for different contests, etc. ECOSYSTEM Located in the CEI, near a startup accelerator, it is the prefect place to be for our activities. On top of that we are supported by the Openhub, a creative hub. ENTREPRENEURSHIP Innovation and Entrepreneurship are tightly connected and the brainstorming methods we use are also used by real entrepreneurs.

    DIVERSITY ENTREPRENEUR 100% 100% 95% 90% 92% 75% ENTREPRENEURS In one word, that’s what we are looking for! We are like a startup! So we want people who will not only regularly come to the session, but who will help us BUILD and BRING the movement to the next level. DIVERSITY At Outside the Box, we believe that innovation at its best is multicultural and pluridisciplinary. That’s why we want people from all field and all horizons. It doesn’t matter what you are studying, know that you interest us :)

    otbox.lln@gmail.com before MARCH, 12th 2017  Your motivation letter might answer some of these questions : - Why do you want to join Outside the Box LLN ? - What makes you different ? - How will you contribute to the project ?  If you wish, you can also send us your CV. It will help us to have a more complete picture of your journey, but it stays as a bonus. The motivation letter is by far the most important one. Motivation is the first criteria we are looking at, not previous accomplishments :)

    your Motivation Letter before MARCH, 12th 2017 to otbox.lln@gmail.com  If you have a CV, you can send it as a bonus.  Successful candidates will be invited for a non-formal meeting to have the occasion to talk in person.  It will be held between S7 and S8 (from 20/03 to 31/03)  Final decisions will be announced during the Pacques holidays.  You will begin with us right after. Our activities finish on S11. APPLICATION PROCESS
  11. 11 GET IN TOUCH! If you have any question, do

    not hesitate to contact us on our facebook page!  Facebook page : @OutsidetheBoxLLN  E-mail: otbox.lln@gmail.com
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