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Data Privacy and Security

Data Privacy and Security

Simplified by Cowrywise are events periodically held to help break down how money works for everyday people. Confidence Staveley, the Founder and Ed of CyberSafe Foundation and Obi David, a Senior Software Engineer at Cowrywise shared interesting points at this Simplified event on protecting your money. Here’s a summary from their sessions.

Obi Uchenna David

February 01, 2021

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  1. Data Privacy and Security

  2. Obi Uchenna David 

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  4. Privacy is an illusion • Facebook Cambridge Analytica (2018) •

    Yahoo Data Breaches (2014 - 2016) • Twitter Data Breach (2018) • E bay (2014) • ***** Bank Nigeria (2020)
  5. Why? • They get money from It • Employment (If

    the Company takes security serious) • Political motive • For fun (catching cruise)
  6. Am I vulnerable? • Smart Device (ie. Phone, Laptop, Car,

    Smart Fridge, Smart TV, etc) • Email address • Social media account • Debit/Credit card • Bank Account
  7. Mark Zuckerberg Hackers can remotely activate your webcam and Microphone

  8. “Hello my name is Mr Mike, I am calling from

    your bank. There is an issue with your bank account. Please give me your ATM card number and PIN”
  9. So What Can I do? • Do not connect to

    unknown Public Wifi networks. If you must, use a VPN. • Do not use guessable passwords e.g dolphin, password, 12345678, pass1234, etc. • Do not post sensitive information online. • Enable 2FA (Token-based 2FA) on your bank accounts if your bank supports it.
  10. So What Can I do? • Do not use your

    bank/FinTech email address to sign up for untrusted sites e.g sites promising iPhone giveaways or money doubling schemes. • Avoid “Free Antivirus Software” • Do not share the OTP from your bank with anyone over a call or text. • If you have been compromised, contact your bank/FinTech immediately and change your passwords.
  11. So What Can I do? • Don’t use the same

    passwords on multiple sites • Don’t save your passwords in text on your phone (use a password manager instead e.g 1password, lastpass) • Don’t save debit card details on your phone browser
  12. Don’t be a greedy person. Rule of thumb: If it’s

    too good to be true, it most likely isn’t.
  13. How Cowrywise helps keep your money safe. • Paystack -

    PCI DSS Level 1 Certified • Token 2FA • Identify Verification (BVN) • Fraud detection system • 256-Bit SSL encryption
  14. What you should not do! • Ignore this whole presentation

    because e never catch you and God dey your back, nothing fit do you online, dem no fit hack your account because you no dey do bad thing and nobody sabi you. • Leave the internet.
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